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Make money by renting your kitchen space.


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Why Unite?

We help restaurant owners generate an extra income by renting out their space to host personal chefs and small caterers.

Make Great Money

Make money by sharing space in your kitchen whenever you want.

Get Paid Quickly

Once a guest checks in, We can send your money be Paypal, direct deposit, or other available methods.

Client Managment

Systematic client management tools at your fingertips.

Online Booking

Direct and verified online booking communications managed via our platform.

Stay in Control

Chefs easily reserve equipment in advance through our booking platform.

1-Click Listing

Unlimited listings-free of charge.

Kitchen for Everyone

What is Hosting?

If you have an extra kitchen space, entire kitchen, or expertise, you can earn by sharing it with anyone in the world. No matter what type of kitchen you have to share. Unite kitchens makes it simple and secure to host chefs. you're in full control of your availability, prices, kitchen rules, and booking approvals.

What is Unite Kitchens?

Unite Kitchens connects people with kitchens to cook around the world. The community is powered by hosts, who provide their guests with the unique opportunity to use their fully permitted and equipped kitchen.

Why use Unite Kitchens?

No matter what kind of kitchen you have to share, Unite Kitchens makes it simple and secure to host chefs. You're in full control of your availability, prices, kitchen rules, and how you interact with guests.

Features designed for efficiency

We've created new functionality to help you optimize your business on Unite kitchens. Update multiple listings at once, set pricing and availability rules, and manage reservations at scale--all within a simplified interface.

Keep in touch

We like to talk and meet people. That is why our website is developing so fast join us, rent kitchens quickly and safely with Unite Kitchens - you will always be welcome with us.


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